Revolutionizing Venture Capital
For the People

RYI-Unity will act as a breeding ground for technologies and progressive concepts bring innovative ideas to Blockchain.

RYI-Unity and UnityVentres aims a fostering a whole generation of new Blockchain ideas and ventures.

Our Vision

RYI UNITY is a community driven Decentralized Finance project which aims to bring venture capital to the people. Encompassing the entire community and providing a safe platform for investors of all backgrounds. 

Our vision is to bring wealth and prosperity to those that never had the opportunity to succeed within the finance spectrum.


Till now many barriers to market have kept regular, everyday people, like your and I out of the lucrative and opportunity rich world of Venture Capital and Seed Funding. 


Using our platform will empower you to secure a better financial future. 

Community Executive Officer

Jon Weir is our Community Executive Officer. He was initially voted in as the community manager a couple weeks after RYI was launched on Uniswap in December 2020. After 9 years in the Marines primarily with Special Operations in warzone countries.

He then began to work for the Central Intelligence Agency in various roles for 5 years. Spending much of that time in an operational role. Choosing to leave the Central Intelligence Agency after many years of dedication to the flag was a difficult choice. Ultimately choosing to hold true to his beliefs and values. Jon  found his way into the crypto world/ paradigm of decentralization. He began mostly by trading cryptos for 3-4 years and would get involved with projects and help out where he could to begin to learn the product as well as the culture. “What brought me to RYI-Unity was really…the concept of a community oriented project where the community is the team. “My mission is to create an environment where we all start on an even playing field and thrive together as a community.”


Purdue University 2012

Bachelors of Science