UnityDefi Platform
Bringing Venture Capital To The People

Cross-Chain Governance Platform

As a Unityventures investor you will be able to take part in the investment decisions making process and can vote to decide which ventures we choose next. As an investor, you can also submit new venture proposals to be assessed for future ventures.

How does UnityDefi work?

Without an Orderbook, you might be wondering how trades typically happen without a third party taking your trade. This is the power of an AMM and part of our project. AMMs are a financial tool unique to decentralized finance and allow frictionless trading without the need of buyer and seller. AMMs keep a decentralized exchanged liquid 24/7 via liquidity pools. This innovative method of exchanging assets combines what crypto, and blockchain technology in general stands for: decentralized, backed by smart contracts, transparent and anyone can participate and build new solutions.

Better Rewards Distribution

We’ve created a set of killer features through our several months of research with the EatTheBlocks Team. They will ensure our UnityDefi Platform can compete with the best and will ensure our real world use case driven roadmap. $UV is the UnityDefi native token and store of value with a deflationary mechanism to reduce supply. When you contribute to the liquidity pool and stay there for longer, you earn the tokens. A minor portion of each $UV distribution will be set aside for potential future setbacks and implementation of governance proposals.


$UV Ventures

One of the main aspects of this Defi Platform is the focus on revenue generation and business ventures being that we are indeed a registered company. These ventures will be presented to the community through the Government platform and then carried out by the company. This is the main focus, bringing use case driven business developments which $UV holders will directly benefit from. Utilizing innovative solutions to incorporate cryptocurrency within a particular use case. The revenue generated from our business endeavors will go to buying back $UV token in order to further decrease supply which increases demand. Additionally, the revenue will go to the further development of the company ensuring the success of not just the platform but the company itself.

Supply & Minting

If you are a liquidity provider in PancakeSwap pools or you are however looking for the ideal platform to invest and earn, we propose you have a look at our token protocol. We have intentionally designed the token distribution mechanics in such a way that it is straightforward and adaptable for the existing PancakeSwap and other compatible liquidity providers to migrate to our protocol. The $UV Tokens per block will be distributed in accordance with the smart contract, and greatly benefit the liquidity providers of the supported pool. It will equally be distributed in LP yield farming and traders trading mining.


UnityWrap is bringing RYIU wrapped market pairs to UnityDefi. You will be able to access our wrapping station through our UnityDefi Platform. By wrapping your favorite market pairs with $RYIU you will be able to collect your reflection from RYIU while holding pairs such as rBNB rETH and more.



Members will have an opportunity to deposit $UV (usually the fruit of passive rewards earned) to win massive cash prizes or even rare and valuable tokenized NFTs. With more to come as RYI Unity’s growing partnerships provides more opportunities.


The Referral program allows you to invite users to come partake with us on UnityDefi and earn passive income. You just simply click the link and send to you friends and that’s it. Once they use the link you will receive a 1% tax off all of their transactions directly to your wallet. Acting as an automatic Yield Aggregator.