Revolutionizing Venture Capital For the People

UnityDefi is a cross-chain Automated Market Maker (AMM) connector, that provides a decentralized Liquidity Tap for various tokens.

Their new Yield Platform allows you to join staking pools to farm $UV!

Unityventures Token $UV is the DEX token and serves as

store of value for the platform and all the additions coming 

to UnityDefi.

$UV will also serve as the Governance token for RYI Unity LLC.

Enabling a decentralized governing body directing the development

and management of the Blockchain company.

REVU is our new NFT development & management firm. Umbrella’d within UnityDefi a division of RYI Unity LLC has launched its own NFT development, mint and marketing department.

Through here all walks of NFT clients from artists to developers and shoppers of collections can get their fill of new age NFT culture in ANY capacity of conceptualization, design, development, digitization, production, collecting and collection management.

At it’s core, NFT’s will be the early focus, next stages will see a new gen digital rights management technology the world has never seen before, to protect the artists work from untoward plagiarism and theft.


As an $UV holder you can take part in our investment decisions and help select which ventures to choose from . $UV investors can also submit new ventures to vote on. The revenue generated from these ventures will have a % which goes to buying back $UV token.

Participate in Proposals

Any $UV investor can submit venture proposals covering anything that contributes to the growth of the company’s success. Will then be reviewed by the team voted on by the community/ Investors. 

Unity Lotto

Members will have an opportunity to deposit $UV (usually the fruit of passive rewards earned) to win massive cash prizes or even rare and valuable tokenized NFTs. With more to come as RYI Unity’s growing partnerships provides more opportunities.

Unity News

We have our own news site! Unitynews is an exciting all things Blockchain news site where crypto investors can get their daily dose of news from a top quality news site which they own!


The UnityVerse market (UNM) is a NEW and “very” different NFT Market that will grow into a substantial asset to the crypto space. UNM IS “evolutionary” because there is a comprehensive infrastructure development plan being implemented here.

Customer Service

Be apart of a ecosystem where the investors are the mission and community focused initiatives is our specialty. Customer service a pillar for the company and we strive for perfection

Upcoming Ventures


NFT Marketplace


RYIPAY Scan and Ride

Coming Soon

Revolution  Unity 


At UnityVentures our aim is to make a Blockchain world that is designed with everyone in mind. We strive to provide a more user friendly experience in Blockchain and propagate the development of new and exciting technologies to maximize investor returns in a safe and secure environment. 


By encouraging the widespread adoption of Blockchain technologies our end user experience will be better adapted for the wide range of collectives taking part in the Blockchain system. We understand that newer and more advanced technologies are required for people at large to foster the mass adoption of Blockchain.

UV Token Roadmap

Innovation Partner Core


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Business Partners
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Countries World Wide


Unity DeFi

UnityDefi  is a cross-chain Automated Market Maker (AMM) connector that provides a decentralized Liquidity Tap for various tokens. Our new Yield Platform that allows you to join staking pools to farm $UV, our very own token. We’ve prepared lots of features to protect your coins, avoid rug pulls, block whales from market manipulation and much more. And the best part?… We are a registered company and are here for the long haul! UnityDefi is powered by none other than RYI Unity LLC. Serving as the newest decentralized finance (DeFi) liquidity pool platform that is a further and improved evolution of PancakesSwap.